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Editorial Services: Substantive Editing, Copyediting, Proofreading

Our clients typically run professional publishing programs, outsourcing to us one or more steps of the traditional editorial process:

Substantive (or developmental) editing: We work with you to reorganize and rewrite your manuscript as needed, developing content that is logical, accurate, complete, and appropriate for the intended audience. Most of our clients have an in-house editor who handles the substantive edit, which is best because that editor will better understand the subject matter and better know the publication's readers.

Copyediting: We check for errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage; ensure consistency of editorial style throughout the document, following a style manual (such as The Chicago Manual of Style) or an in-house style sheet; clear up confusing and awkward writing; and query the author for problems we cannot resolve. We usually copyedit a manuscript as a Word document, using track changes to show the client our edits.

Proofreading: Our proofreaders review an already-copyedited document, checking for any remaining errors and inconsistencies (perhaps following the copyeditor's style sheet) and ensuring that no errors were introduced during layout. We typically proofread a PDF of the document's final layout, marking it up with standard proofreader marks using an electronic pen.

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"The Inspector General ... is very happy that we took the liberty of obtaining a professional review, and I am definite we will be contacting you in the near future for additional services. Great job!"

—EEOC Office of Inspector

"Consistently excellent work. Very thorough, always on time. I don't think I could do what I have to do without you!"


"The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation exclusively uses Wordfirm for copyediting and proofreading services. We publish a wide array of promotional and technical documents to inform stakeholders, partners, and donors about the important work we do to prevent and treat pediatric HIV. Wordfirm ensures that our language is consistently correct, while not diminishing the technical accuracy of our documents."

—Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric
 AIDS Foundation

"I have loved working with your team over the past year. You run a great business of smart editors. Looking forward to more!"


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